Mar 18, 2015

I have known Chuck Salvator for a long time,way back when i was still at Campus(my second year i think).I first met him when i had gone to Bambi(Brenda Nambi's) fashion house to ask for a job there as a fashion designer.Bottom line is Brenda told me my designs were excellent and that I should start my own fashion house.So here Iam with no fashion house yet and still on those fashion sketches.haha!

Back to chuck,eh how cud i go off topic,lol.Chuck was a sales person at the boutique then.And he looked fashion forward and fashion interested its a no wonder that he is where he is now.So here are pictures of accessories from his shop,am posting the cute ones,lol.And this is just to say am proud of him and for all other young people who are making a name for themselves.See his products below....and if you're interested find him here
 or at Hotel Equatorial room 224 

The man himself

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