Mar 20, 2015

One of Kenya's most talked about celebrities Huddah Monroe is always dressed to kill.This is quite
expected because one cant be a socialite unless she walks on designer shoes andwears designer clothes.
Today we digest her style,if you want to dress like Huddah do the following things.
1-Do not wear anything at all.Hudddah likes to flaunt it the way her mother gave it to her.This goes out to my kenyan friends especially,if you dream of ownning a wardrobe like Huddah's be ready to shop in the kids section.

Tops like this...

2-Choose outfits that hug every bit of your body
The clothes you wear must feel like your skin.If its a skirt or dress,choose it in a material that feel so natural you wont feel like you're wearing anything at all.
3.Go neon
You aint a socialite unless you can stand out.So like Huddah you must choose neon coloured clothes the kind that say,'stop whatever you're doing and see my fabulous life.'

Crop tops,crop tops and more crop tops
Huddah is proud of her wasp like waist and shows it off with an endless series of crop tops

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