May 9, 2015


Plus size women have for a long time been forgotten when it comes to fashion as everything on the runway was designed for pencil thin like women.
But that era is long gone,thanks to celebrities like kim kardashian who are proud of their curves and love to dress them.
I for one believe that all women are beautiful no matter what size they come in,the trick is to work around your body shape and know what works for you.
Here are a few tips on how to channel your inner diva

1.Remember Dark colours make you appear smaller
while bright colours make you appear bigger.Wear bright colours for areas that are smaller and wear dark colours for parts that appear bigger to achieve a perfectly balanced look.
2-Invest in a good blazer
Slim down with a well fitting blazer that fits well onto your body.This can be used to thold a maxi dress together or to compliment a pair of skinny jeans.

3-Invest in v-necklines.A v neckline like a long necklace draws the eye downwards therefore creating the illusion of height and drawing attention away from your height.
4-Steer clear of big prints and horizontal stripes both of which create the illusion of width and extra weight.Horizontal stripes draw the eye across your body making you appear bigger than you actually are.Vertical stripes on the other hand create the opposite effect and are therefore the recommended option.
Avoid these
5-At all costs avoid tent like clothing,these swallow you up and serve to make you appear even bigger than you already are,which is exactly what we are trying to avoid here.
6-Invest in a good shift dress the kind that stops at the knee and hugs your figure perfectly.Choose one in a solid colour such as orange or pink and steer clear of printed dresses,or those with ruffles and any extra layers of material/embellishments.
7-Keep your jewelllery basic and minimal.A nice set of pearls would work better than a chocker necklace .A chocker necklace on a plus size woman creates the illusion that she is being chocked.A long necklaces draws the eye downwards creating the illusion of height versus breadth.

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