Jul 23, 2015

We all have that one outfit in our closet that we can't stop wearing.Why? because its so comfortable,it flatters our bodies and looks fabulous at the same time.
Its what I love to call the wonder dress.Every woman deserves that one dress that can take her anywhere, to church,to the market place,to office while at the same time wielding the power to make her look like a million bucks.
Its what i will say for this midnight blue dress.Although i later gave it away to a friend,its the best example I have to illustrate this point.
The colour was flattering on my complexion,the silhouette did my petite body justice and most importantly i was super comfortable in it.Did i mention i looked like a million bucks,yeah baby!That is the power of a wonder dress.

Here are a few clues on how to get that one wonder dress

1.Go for a neutral colour
Colours such as black,white or red are easy to accessorise and are flattering for most complexions.The little black dress in particular is a crowd's favourite so get one in a shape that flatters you.

2.Mind comfort
If its a little too tight at the hips it will make movement difficult.Go for silhouettes that give you room to breathe such as a maxi dress,a kaftan or even a skater dress.

3.Choose something feminine
Despite our desire to be comfortable,at the end of the day every woman want to look like a woman.So choose something that will compliment the best parts of your body and hide the ones you don't want to be seen.Do you have beautiful legs?Choose a dress that shows them off such as a knee length skirt.Do you have an enviable bust,wear a dress with a bit of cleavage at the front.Until next time,babaye!!!!!!!!!
Iam at a point in my life that i would refer to as the transition stage,am not where i used to be but am not where i want to be either.Iam a caterpillar forcing its way into a butterfly and as you can imagine,its as difficult as it is exciting.
For example i have always wanted to be a television presenter complete with a talk show of my own, but the opportunites to be one were scarce and pretty difficult,so i was frustrated about it.
I pretty much had given up on the idea it until recently when i was presented with an opportunity to guest star on a friend's show.Was it what i wanted?No.Was it better than nothing?ofcourse yes!.
In all this I am learning to be happy with the little milestones I make.As an ambitous person  its easy  for me to be preoccupied with the ideal ,such that I miss out on the little blessings that life has to offer,that slowly by slowly eventually lead to the 'big thing.'
Its what most people call 'arrivalism syndrome.'the  refusal to be happy until one achieves their dream goals. Its bad this one.

Jul 18, 2015

Gone are the days when one would show up to work in a grandmother's suit.Today the trend is sexy,comfortable and yet very formal.So refreshing, right?Here is how to show up like a boss lady at work.

Keep it formal and serious

Keep it bright and colourful

Jul 13, 2015

If you have been following my Facebook posts,you know by now, that i love sharing inspirational messages from time to time.Here is why.I realized on a personal level that the more i gave of myself and my experiences the more fulfilled i became.That giving and receiving have a symbiotic relationship,they literally feed off each others palms.
I recently gave away a few of my old clothes and to tell you the truth,i felt much more fulfilled and satisfied than i had been buying ,wearing or holding onto them.The joy i felt afterwards was as if i had received the same clothes ten times as much.
Its important to note however,that one cannot give from an empty vessel.You must posses in order to give.I had to have those clothes first before i gave them away.
 The role of motherhood helps to further illustrate this point very well.Have you ever noticed that when a mother is sad,broken or unhappy this negative energy translates into the general mood of the home?
The wife /mother being the main nurturer and emotional wellspring in the home is therefore  burdened with the task of keeping everyone happy even when she could be dying inside.But for how long can anyone  be able to do this,without breaking down?
On the upper hand,when a woman is fulfilled and happy,her children will be healthy,her husband will generally be in a good mood and her body will be glowing.The witty phrase 'a happy wife makes a happy home,' was surely coined from here.Read on.....