Sep 19, 2015


A kaftan by definition is a robe like clothing.Kaftans do well for women of all sizes ,depending on how they are styled or draped across the body.
They are even more amazing because they can be worn anywhere,from work to the beach and to that weekend party.

Kaftans are easy to wear, comfortable and decent,attributes that every woman longs for every once in a while
The trick is to know which type of Kaftan looks good on your body shape.For example a plus size woman would look smashing in a long flowing kaftan,while a petite size woman would look better with one that is more fitting onto the body.

This dress has been around for so long(in the days of ancient egypt,lol)but is back now with an even more stylish twitch to it and has been designed in more modern ways to suit individual tastes and desires.
Pick one with extra beading for a stylish evening out,choose a light see through material for the beach.If you choose to wear a kaftan to the work place throw a jacket over it,to make it look more formal and fitting for that environment.

Are you eager to show off your waist?Clinch in your Kaftan with a belt to create an hourglass shape.
There are plenty of ways to wear this trend,so you shouldnt be afraid of trying it out.Here are a few picture ideas on how to rock yours.

Nunu Umuringa of the NTV style project in a maroon Kaftan with pearl beadings at the neckline.Perfect for a formal setting.
Nigeria's Omotola in a silk Kaftan with a clinched in waist,showing off her curvy figure.Perfect for an evening out or dinner.

Desire Luzinda in a beach Kaftan

These ladies layered their beach kaftans over their swimsuits.

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