Sep 21, 2015

The black and white suit is the ultimate symbol of women empowerment in fashion,its where the women get to steal from the men and still look as fly,isn't that what gender equality is about?To be able to have equal opportunities with men and in this case style choices?haha
So anyways back to this item,i love a woman in a black and white suit, especially on the red carpet, because it makes you stand out from the sea of long flowing evening dresses while at the same time giving you a new kind of sex appeal and attractiveness that is not normally expected.
I mean who can resist a woman who looks like she has got her shit together?That my dear,is sexiness.So dare to bring out your inner tomboy in this boy meets girl ensemble,trust me ,u will love it!

All black suit

All white suit

Black bow tie

Stripes and polka dots are some of the most popular patterns for suits as seen below.
The waist coat

The Jumpsuit

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