Oct 5, 2015


Nadia Mbire is the second daughter of city tycoon Charles Mbiire. Charles Mbire is one of the largest individual shareholders in MTN, among other investments, making him one of the richest men in Uganda.
For Nadia,being a daughter to such a man comes with certain privileges. For example she can travel whenever she wants,lives in designer wear and throws one of a kind parties.
The last I heard is that she only drinks camel milk as imported for her from Dubai, because she is on a diet, and the milk in Uganda is full of calories,lol.
This is not a gossip blog however so we shall safely gear away from her personal life and focus on Nadia the fashionista.
Here are ten times this beautiful young lady stole our breath away.

1.The time she wore these gym pants with a white crop top#Body goals.She could have ditched the office bag for a back pack though.

 2.When she slayed in this body hugging short mermaid dress.Seeing as she is blessed with an hourglass figure it makes sense that she shows it off and she does so with class,style and grace.

3.Her makeup is sometimes too much but she pulls it off anyway!

4.She always chooses the right backgrounds for her pictures such as on this day when she was chilling in Abu Dhabi

 5.Nicki Minaj...is that you?Lets take a moment of silence for this body!No homo#

6.When she  made a one piece swimsuit look so glam!Why is that water so clear?lol

 7.Even the simplest of outfits look so amazing on her,such as this sky blue crop top and skirt piece.That hair is everything!

8.When she made the colour purple look so good.

9.When she showed up to her sister's grad in blue and white.Once,twice,three times a lady!

10.Here in all black everything!

The trick to dressing like Nadia therefore is to keep everything simple and classy.Make sure your hair is perfect,no single strand should ever be caught out of place,your makeup too should be well done and keep the rest of your outfits simple.She doesnt mix up colours a lot as you can see so you too can keep it to one colour at a time.
Until next time,take notes and learn!lol.
I love her style and will be following her closely on the gram.

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  1. eludious@blogger.comJuly 10, 2016 at 3:47 PM

    Not my cup of tea but more power to her for the self confidence.