Oct 9, 2015

I have been a loyal lover of the colour red,almost to a point of obsession.So it wasnt until my wardrobe was exposed to a shade of pink that i like,that i decided to switch my loyalty.lol.
It all started when i bought this skirt,(isn't it lovely???)that i was convinced i had found my true love of all colours.
Infact,ask me what my best colour is now and i will tell you its hot pink.
Its a hot vibrant type of  hue that is close to red,(am not straying so far,lol,)and absolutely enchanting.
So what does the colour pink stand for?

Pink is romantic and intimate, feminine, loving, caring and extremely considerate. It tones down the physical passion from the red color and replaces it with a gentle and loving energy .

In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings. The color pink gives the feeling that everything will go well or be okay. Most people have heard of the saying “everything is rosy”. It may also indicate good health and success.
Below are a few celebrity looks in hot pink that we absolutely love!
1.Baby Tiffah
2.Bonang Matheba

Quite a lovely colour,isnt it?

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