Oct 3, 2015


As a plus size woman it can be pretty confusing to find the right clothes that actually fit.A lot of my plus size friends complain about buying a dress or jeans only to find out later that they were a size too small.Imagine the disappointment!
So it was very refreshing to discover a plus size blogger who oozes confidence,style,colour and life.
Here are a few tips as seen from her,on how to dress as a plus size woman.
1.Yes you can wear bright colours!Its a written rule that plus size women should wear black as it makes them appear smaller.But life is too short to live in dark colours. So go ahead and choose an outfit in a bright colour of your choice such as the yellow one Cate wore below.

 2. Peplum is always a good option.I am so loving this hot pink dress plus the belt that pulls in her waist making it appear smaller.

This brown Grecian dress ensures that all your  flaws are hidden while showing off your most curvy angles.Yes to the cleavage!

You can never and i repeat,you can never go wrong with a kaftan.To a plus size woman a kaftan is always a friend in need. It ensures that you always appear graceful,elegant and queenly when in one!Isnt this white one lovely?

A round skirt brings out the beauty in very individual.For a plus size woman it falls perfectly on your hips without revealing too much.Such a fun and playful look.

When its time to glow,add a sequined top to your work ensemble.This is a dope look because it can easily take you from day to night.

A pair of skinny jeans is great for hugging your curves and making you appear taller.Pair these with a see through top such as cate's below....and vibrant heels for dope street style.

Dont be afraid to be sexy!Every once in a while you can stop the traffic in body hugging shorts and see lace top,

And when you need to chase the dollars,baby,boss it up in a tight office dress and a winning blazer!

A pencil skirt never fails# all types of sexy!

Choose a vibrant top and tube like trousers for Friday. As much as possible, try to avoid flared trousers as they work to make you appear even bigger.

And for casual/weekend wear,a short dress will give you legs for days;
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