Oct 16, 2015

1.When she wore this printed crop top and pencil skirt
Desire Luzinda is a lovely soul,from the very few times i have met her.She is that girl you want to hug because she is so down to earth and relatable.You can talk to her about anything and she would understand.The last time i interviewed her,she was very open yet fun,strong yet sensual.
She is also very generous with her time and money,its fun being around  her.But what i love the most about her,is that she always looks good,no matter how she feels,she will show up looking like a million bucks.White is her favourite colour which means she is a very clean girl.
Lets get down to the few times she gave us some major fashion goals.

                                       2.In a tight body hugging herve leger dress
3.Wearing her favourite colour from head to toe
4.Again in an all white dress and matching shoes ,how lovely!!!!
5.In a red cape dress with a stunning choker necklace and the attitude to match
6.Wearing a butterfly top and multi printed skirt

7.And this blue grecian gown that made her look like a lady

8.Rocking a custom made black dress

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