Oct 12, 2015

 It's true what they say,you either know fashion or you don't.And this lady right here has deserves a  doctorate from fashion school.lol.
Everything she wears is the bomb, starting from the hair on her head down to the nail polish on her toes.
She is none other than...........*drum rolls please* Nigeria's Komee Osalor!!!!!!!!!!
I got to know Komee through a fashionista friend of mine and have been a loyal stalker since.Speaking of stalking, am not the only one, as the fashionista boasts of a huge 127,000 followers on Instagram.
Komee is also a television personality in Nigeria,a former Miss tourism,and a fashion designer.Yes she makes most of these amazing outfits herself.
Here is a quick look at some of her best outfits.Which are your favourites?
.In red and white stripes and that larger than life afro

                                                              Puffed sleeves anyone?

 And a lot of pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She adds a playful twist to her black and white outfits

                                                     Some Ankara please................

A little black classiness and sassiness

Short shorts

                                                               And dope bikini sets

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