Oct 11, 2015


Friday night at Guvnor was a blast.Fashionistas led by city stylist Ahumuza Brian lit up the venue in their all red outfits.I wore red too,u should see my pictures,waiting for  photographer x to send them in,lol!!!
It was my first time going to a club so i was a little apprehensive at first but i had work to do there,so i had no option,lol.I later grew into the party and  enjoyed it.
Celebrities such as Navio,who by the way as i discovered is a very good dancer, Bebe cool, Sheeba, Helen lukoma and leilah Kanyondo,Radio of Good life were all there happening away.
Sheebah Karungi one of the main performers of the night put up a stellar performance,chic can dance ,i tell you,as revellers fought to catch a glimpse of her.i even talked to her and she later handed me her number.Isnt she down to earth???

And then the guest of honour,Huddah Monroe cruised in in a black sleek limousine looking not very elegant, in my opinion, but nonetheless she tried.
All kinds of expensive drinks flowed much to the delight of revellers especially those in the VIP sections who had a blast drinking away.I dont drink so i stayed sober all night,lol.
All in all it was a glamour filled night withe ladies dressed in tight see through dresses while the men embraced the latest trends of damaged shirts and jeans.
see pics below.....

One of the best dressed revellers of the night

Guest of honour,Kenyan socialite Huddah in the middle
Kim Swagga,Huddah and Abryanz
Sheebah Karungi alongside Abryanz

One of the event organisers Sandra Teta in the middle dancing alongside Bebe Cool

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