Nov 4, 2015

When one is a fashion designer,the pressure to always  look perfect  can be a lot. But Sylvia Owori is different,even on her off-days she looks amazing.That is how professional she is!
So as you can imagine it was very difficult for me to choose ten of my best outfits from her wardrobe because everything was nice.So i finally narrowed down to these,I hope you like.
1.Crop top and flared shorts
This blue outfit is original,its African and looks classy.Its also very flattering for her body type.

2.This wrap green dress is  regal and graceful reminiscent of a peacock.Its not surprising therefore that it was her choice of dress for a visit to the Buganda royal palace.
3.Purple and gold are one of the two colour combinations that always look very amazing.Here she stands side by side to her  mannequin dressed in a similar outfit.This look is very fun,very playful and trendy.
4.This navy blue sequined skirt and matching structured blouse makes for interesting office wear and she wore it well.
5.This chiffon maxi skirt and matching brown top would have been very fierce had she chosen a gold coloured necklace and a differently colour for the shoes.So no and yes!
6.The monochrome outfit in red
This red jumpsuit is a stunner.I love that she matched it in the same exact colour as her turban,because monochrome is so in,so now.

7.And who can forget these high waist flared trousers,lace blouse and red hat she wore to an event some time back?Absolutely captivating and perfect for her body type and shape!

8.This red dress is very simple yet very eye catching.Red is a strong colour and i therefore love that she paired it with near nude shoes.

9.The leopard prints in the dress below are in deep colours and that is what gives it a luxurious edge over her other outfits.It looks very expensive  and reminds me of the clothes made by designer label Dolce and Gabbana.

10.This sporty look is not flattering at all for her body shape and the accessories looked lost,that chocker necklace for example was a disaster.Otherwise the dress in itself is amazing!!!!!!!!

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