Nov 15, 2015

Thursday the 12 th of November was a pretty fun day for me.The day before, my editor had asked me if I would like to attend a press conference of Dbanj.I almost declined the invite,after all I had better things to do.
But I said yes.Turns out it was a good idea afterall.I got to hang with one of Africa's finest musicians and ofcourse take pictures.
Dbanj is one of the most popular African musicians on the international platform and is best known for songs such as 'Oliver Twist' and 'fall in love.'
He has such a strong personality and his sense of humour and dramatic antics kept us all glued onto him from the time he stepped into the room, to when he left.Like a real super star he had our attention,that we quickly forgot that the man had kept us waiting for two hours,in the same hotel he was sleeping in.

For the press conference i wore a one armed midnight blue dress and a golden clutch.Dbanj on the other hand was dressed in a a kanzu, as per ugandan cultural  style and his signature golden crufix.
He was here to perform at the Ciroc pineapple launch,a drink of which he is an ambassador.
Despite having been invited to the launch,I couldn't make it to that particular event because it was so freezing cold and am not so keen on clubbing,lol.
So here are a few pictures of the man himself and yours truly.(photos were taken by the very beautiful Sheila Gashumba)

I also took a few pictures with Uganda's style maven,a man i admire so much,Ahumuza Brian.
Me at the press conference,clearly excited!

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