Jun 22, 2016


Miss Deedan is that lean tall light skinned girl with a big personality, an equally big voice and a huge sense of humour, that has become a staple at all the big outdoor events in Kampala where she emcees.She stands out so much,you wouldn't miss her if you wanted.
But that is one of the many reasons why we love her.
As if her awesomeness is not enough,she spices it up by being stylish. Atte her sense of style is not pedestrian,it is unique.
She likes her African prints and flowy fabrics.
But whatever she wears,you can be sure it will be eye candy.
Lets take a look at the eight times Deedan slayed in African print.

1.In a blue and yellow print maxi dress and a matching sun hat!A moment of silence for that makeup.

2.Less is more in an African print skirt and white vest she wore with popping shoes.

3.My favourite,check out the intricate back detailing!

4.When she served us some body goals in this sexy jumpsuit...

5.And wore this beautiful high low African print dress.

6.My favourite, favourite of all the favourites...does that make sense?When  she wore this black and white dress...it  is everything!!

7.Blushed in a pink and blue green dress

8.And stayed trendy in a maxi skirt and matching crop top!

Elegant ,radiant and modern.

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