Jun 27, 2016


Have you ever looked through somebody's Instagram and suddenly got the urge to upgrade your wardrobe? For me that person is Kimberly Chelsea, a Ugandan fashionista based abroad.
She knows how to dress her petite frame in a simple yet admirable way.
Lets look at some of her best style choices as seen on her Instagram

1.Glowing in a pin-striped jumpsuit

2.And giving us the Naome Campbell walk in a blue shift dress

3.Glowing in  a white crop top and matching trousers 

4.In a maroon shift dress and oxford shoes 

5.In a sun hat and all white beach outfit 

6.And strolling the hell out of that blue dress

7.Jeans and a simple blouse have never looked so good.

8. Serving us with couple goals in this floral applique dress

9.Biker jacket over a words in-scripted dress

10.And glowing in a sun hat 

11.Rocking the hell out of that maxi skirt and matching crop top

12.And slaying in a black office dress

13.Radiant in a white shift dress and gold jewellery

14.And rocking these blue jeans and a white top
You my dear are quite the fashionista!Totally inspired!!!!!!!

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