Oct 16, 2016


Miss Uganda has had its shares of ups and downs that include but are not limited to lack of sponsorship and government support.
As one friend of mine pointed out today,the Uganda audience is exposed to global pageants that literally cost millions of dollars.
And yet our Ugandan market cannot afford to support that kind of investment, so we are kind of stuck with what we can pay for.
I must therefore applaud the leadership of Miss Brenda Nanyonjo for ensuring the sustainability of this our pageant within the limited means afforded to her.
But as is with every challenge,there are lessons to learn.
Here is my two cents on how we can be better, within our budget ofcourse.

                                                             1.Better photoshoots
Miss Uganda recently had a swim wear photoshoot and I noticed that some of the girls lacked makeup and their swim suits were not well coordinated,which shouldn't be the case.Such small things matter when boosting the expectations of an audience.
Here is a comparison between our swim wear shoot and that of Miss South Africa.

Miss South Africa

Miss Uganda

At this year's event,I noticed that the contestants' clothing did not follow a particular theme or design.Yet when comparing one contestant to the other,there should be a uniform ground on which they all stand to be judged.
We have so many talented designers in Uganda that could have helped with this.

Miss Uganda
Miss South Africa

                                                                           3.Group photos
Apart from the usual blue jeans and t shirt combination,we are dying to see some creativity in the group photos of the contestants.
I like how the Miss Uganda UK contestants were a beautiful sight in red dresses and headwraps compared to our contestants who donned pink movit shirts and the usual jeans.

                                                                           Miss Uganda
Miss Uganda UK

                                                             5.The height and weight issues
Short and curvy girls may be a national preference but are considered incompetent on the international front.It was therefore alarming to see so many plus size contestants in this year's Miss Uganda.
   Miss Uganda
   Miss South Africa

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