Nov 6, 2016


Hey guys,I have been off blogger for a while and am sorry.I know there are people who follow me religously on this blog and dont even follow me on social media,so am sorry. Am organising an event,yes,The Kampala Fashion Explosion,and am so into it,I hardly have the time to do anything else,lol.
Anyways,down to the topic at hand,this week has been average in terms of slayage.People are either too busy or the weather is affecting our slayage,cos the rain is heavy here in Kampala!Chei!
But lets look at those who tried to dress well this week.

1.Pherrie...Pherrie...Pherrie..she always brings it,doesnt she?This is a simple look for her but she slays still.
2.Dorah Mwima looked so sexy in this little lack dress even when she is pregnant...I loove....
3.Yasha Keys knows how to dress for this rainyweather,everything check,check,check....haha
4.Socialite Milly Lubega rocked that trending army green in a jump!
5.In the words of a friend,Mwaje is one of the most stylish women in Uganda and I agree...check this out....Fresh!
6.Chuck Brian Salvator rocked this leather blazer with a cool pair of jeans and sharp hair cut..suave!
 7.Kirabo Fyona wore this dazzling black number to celebrate her number...beautiful!

 8.Fast rising celebrity Martha Kay rocked this white dress with a cape coat as she hosted an event at the Serena.Here is the thing,Martha is a beautiful girl,but the draping of this coat was poorly done especially when you look at it from a closer point of view.

9.Rema gave us that African body fineness in this black jumpsuits,she loves her jumpsuits,this one!

10.And lastly Irene Ntale rocked her shirt dress while chilling with Ziza Bafana in Naija,West Africa.

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