Dec 11, 2016


Wow!Men's fashion has come of age!Trust me female hormones were raging on the red carpet as we saw men dressed to kill in all kinds of suits.Here is the truth, especially for us ladies,nothing is as beautiful as a man in a well tailored suit.My goodness!
So, to have all these men look this nice and in one place was certainly breathtaking!Lets look at a list of those who slayed the most,shall we?

                                                                      1.Williams Bugeme
The socialite and business man from TZ is a sharp dresser.You can always count on him to have a well shaven head, a dazzling watch and dapper shoes.Can we have a moment of silence for those shoes,I mean!!!!!!!!!!

2.Peter Russell
The makeup artiste is certainly one to watch when it comes to the style department.He is like the 'David Tlale' of Uganda,always pushing the enevelope,yet keeping it neat and admirable.So here is to creativity and rocking it like a King!

3.Kim Swagga
I love it when people push the envelop and as a stylist that is something that Kim Swagga does, effortlessly.Unlike the other men who showed up in the proverbial suit,Kim Swagga who is undoubtedly one of,if not the best dressed males in the country, rocked leather pants ,a black t-shirt and a unique blazer.And who said, one cant wear shades at night?Kim Swagga did, and he owned it,like the king of swag that he is!

4.Martyn Larry
The fashion enthusiast was undoubtedly one of the best dressed men of the night.He rocked a black velvet cap over an African print tuxedo.Amazing!!!!!!!

5.Abduz Spot
As winner of the best male Fashionista in Uganda,Abduz spot looked amazing in this cream suit which he accentuated with a brown pom pom and pocket tie, a light blue shirt and brown shoes!Damn that slay!!!!!Am in love!

6.Chuck Brian Salvator
I dont get the brown hair with a blue suit-kinda look, a maroon or a dark purple suit would have done better. Still, this is Chuck Salvator and you can count on him to rock that red carpet event!Nice suit!

                                                                   7.Ziper Atafo
Earlier this year I made a list of the best male dressed celebrities in the country and put Ziper Atafo at number one.And now, you can see why.Here is the thing with this guy, he doesn't try so hard!He always keeps it simple,fresh and clean.A mere look at him says he is a class apart, refined and has impeccable taste.His style is not all over the place and that is certainly commendable!

8.Waisswa Ronald
This is one hell of a man.He is tall,dark and handsome,no wonder he took home the award for best model of the year!And guess what? He looked amazing while at it.For the event,he rocked an orange custom made suit by Anita Beryl that had touches of African print here and there.Amazing look on an amazing man!

9.Kabs Haloha
I must say Kabs has finally found his signature look.Since he gained some weight this year,the double breasted suit seems to flatter him more than other suits he has tried on before and that is what he wore to the Asfa's.Suave!

10.Jose Chameleone
This was certainly not a winning look but you have to commend the music doctor for putting his best fashion forward and dressing better than he usually does!

11.Kaijuka Abbas(In grey)
The fashion stylist took home the award for stylist of the year but his look to the awards was pretty complicated.Is that a cape coat?I love the grey on grey look but for a slim man ,something more fitting would have looked better!A for effort!
Others like Tazibone Solomon and Mugume Canary showed up all looking good(Will post their pictures as soon as I can get them,) Model manager Joram Muzira Job made a statement in his cape coat but I cant get any pics, as soon as I do,I will most definitely post them up here as well!

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