Apr 18, 2017


There's a new lip and eye shadow trend and it all began when super model Naome Campbell caused a sensation with her red glittery lips at the Video Music Awards last year.The look took Instagram by storm and led to an entire obsession with glitter makeup, for both eyeshadow and lipstick.
Let's take a look at some of the celebrities,socialites,makeup artistes and models that have taken to this look already.

1.Naome Campbell on a facebeat by makeup artsite Pat McGrath at the VMA's last year.

2.Socialite Tk Berriez on a face-beat by Mona Faces

3.Songstress Lianne Kaweesi on a facebeat by mua Fayth Presh

4.Socialite Judith Heard rocked a blue glittery eye for her birthday party recently.

5.This model for Makeup By Olga

6.Comedienne Anne Kansime in all gold glitter and black makeup by Mona Faces.

7.This model for EvaKose artistry

8.Makeup artiste Nahya Glam and her client on that bold blue eye.


                                                            9.Model @24clairetgold

                                                                    10. Leila Kayondo

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