Oct 14, 2022

From Dianah Nabatanzi to Lydia Jasmine, see what your favourite celebrities wore for Uganda's 60th Independence Day

From musician Lydia Jasmine, actress Natasha Sinayobye and TV presenter Dianah Nabatanzi, below are the outfits your favorite celebrities wore to commemorate Uganda's 60th Independence Day.

1: Lydia Jazmine

The crooner chose to go traditional with a yellow gomesi and red sash. Not a bad look. A nice deviation from her usually revealing outfits.

2: Natasha Sinayobye

The actress/ influencer took it a notch further when she donned a new hairstyle complete with beads in Ugandan colours.

3: Diana Nabatanzi

The outspoken TV presenter is not one to miss out on a trend. Hers was a combination of everything. Yellow gloves, puffed sleeves, you name it.

4: Sylvia Wilson Namutebi

The former Miss Uganda veered off from her peers when she donned a white outfit donned with bark cloth and bits of the traditional Kikoyi material.

5: Martha Kay
The comedienne chose to opt for a Ugandan flag inspired manicure as below. Do we live, do we love?

Which was your favourite look?

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