Oct 12, 2022

''Jeff Kiwa did not make me, we worked together and we got here.'' Singer Sheebah asserts against claims her former manager is responsible for her success


While speaking to the media on Tuesday, Sheebah said that she was not made by Jeff but they worked together to achieve the success over the years.

“My journey with that gentleman was good. Like any other partnership, you reach a point and it ends and you have to move on,” Sheebah noted.

“Jeff pushed me for the nine years we worked together and I also pushed him to where he is. Now it is time I carry on, with all due respect. He didn’t make me, we worked together and we got here,” she further said.

Before her major breakthrough song, Ice Cream, Sheebah Karungi had tried her luck with The Obsessions group but not much had been achieved musically. 

With Jeff Kiwa on her management, she made many hit songs in the following years.

A big star was born just like the likes of Radio and Weasel who also gained their fame under Jeff Kiwa’s guidance.

In February 2020, Sheebah launched her own company ‘Sheebah Establishment Ltd’, sparking off rumour that she was planning to quit Team No Sleep after disagreements with Jeff Kiwa.

In 2021, Sheebah quit Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep over undisclosed matters. They have since not been on good talking terms.

Despite both moving on; with Jeff Kiwa signing another artiste in Pinky and Sheebah changing management, the latter is not comfortable by critics often saying she is Jeff’s product.

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